2013 Toyota Etios Valco Full Details Announced

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Mar 11th, 2013

2013 Toyota Etios Valco Hatchback G/MT

2013 Toyota Etios Valco Hatchback G/MT

Finally, after long wait, Toyota today announced full details about the 2013 Etios Valco hatchback. Available in Indonesian dealerships in three models, G, E and J.

Speaking of price, this new hatchback goes on sale in all Indonesian dealers with a starting price of 135,5 million IDR ($13,987) for base model “J version”. Followed by middle models “E version” at 149,9 million IDR ($15,474) and the most complete versions “G” starts at 161,6 million IDR ($16,630).

The 2013 Etios Valco featuring a 1.2-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine (3 NR-FE) with a maximum output reaches up to 80 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 103.9 Nm of torque at 3,100 rpm. The engine will be available with a five-speed manual gearbox.

For safety features, the new model is equipped with two front airbags, ABS and EBD braking system. Other features include air conditioning and 2-DIN audio system with USB port, AM/FM radio, MP3, WMA and CD player. An external dimension of the vehicle has a length of 3,775 cm, width 1,695 cm, height 1,510 cm, and wheelbase of 2,460 cm.

Note: Full details are available in the press release below.



2013 Toyota Etios Valco: Best Value City Car with Toyota Global Standard and Strong Functional Value

Press Release: Jakarta, March 11 2013 (09/CPPR/PR/III13)


2013 Toyota Etios Valco G/MT

Jakarta (11/3) – The strategy of PT. Toyota Astra Motor to strengthen its dominance in all segments of the Indonesian automotive industry is continuously performed. Toyota layering every available niche market by presenting the latest products “Toyota Etios Valco”, which manufactured by PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia.

The Toyota Etios Valco presents to meet the market demand for city car vehicles with the global quality standards and high functional value as well as complete for its users. Making Toyota as a manufacturer in the homeland that has the most complete product lines in each segment.

Toyota’s enthusiasm and optimism is confirmed by President Director of PT. Toyota Astra Motor, Johnny Darmawan mention, “The high market demand in the hatchback segment as seen from the rapid development of the automotive market in this segment in recent years. This prompted Toyota to launch a product that can meet the needs of the people in that segment, which require products with more features and higher specifications.

The need for a comfortable vehicle, smooth when driven, and have a strong functional values, embedded by Toyota Indonesia into its new child to meet the needs of existing markets. His birth was highly anticipated by the Indonesian people.

2013 Toyota Etios Valco J/MT

“This product is carefully prepared by a large family of Toyota Indonesia with consider all comfort aspect, safety, functionality and economy. Toyota constantly strives to meet the market demands, including following the needs and tastes of a higher market and growing. Not only in the Jakarta market, but also the national market are in the area. With the best value products and support its sales and widest Aftersales network across Indonesia, the customer will get the best package in its class,” he said.

The Toyota Etios Valco will be produced in Indonesia under PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, which has been producing high-quality standardized export products, the Kijang Innova and Fortuner. The Etios Valco production will be done at the new Toyota Karawang plant, which became one of Toyota’s investment commitments in Indonesia at 13.3 trillion IDR in the next 5 years. Toyota optimistic attitude in Indonesia to gain the trust from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) to make Indonesia as its market base and Toyota production in Asia.

Johnny Darmawan added, “Our strategy is to keep the market in order to remain well maintained. This means that we strive to meet all the needs of people in all segments, especially the hatchback segment which its growth is very rapid. Indonesia’s growing middle class will demand more features and higher specifications for a product. Then, our enthusiasm by presenting Etios Valco as an answer.

The Etios name comes from the word “Ethos”, which comes from the Greek. “Ethos” which have the spirit, character, and ideal. While Valco comes from the word “Falcon” which in Italian means the Eagles. Eagle identical to strength, adventurers and explorers. This naming was inspired into the characteristics of the Toyota Etios Valco as a city explorer. With these characteristics, the Etios Valco would be a vehicle that can be your best partner to explore the city. Functional values are given life in the Valco name as the Etios with value and comfort.

2013 Toyota Etios Valco Interior

In recent years, the hatchback segment showed significant improvement. In 2009, the total market in this segment reached 42,866 units and in 2012, the total sales in the city car market reached 118,244 units or increased by 175.84% in just 3 years.

In the first months of 2013, the highest growth segments among other segments is scored up to 7,470 units, increased to 84,9% compared to January 2012. In line with the significant growth in the market, Toyota hatchback that has been represented by the Toyota Yaris also experiencing growth by 28.7% to 1529 units, compared to January 2012.

The Toyota Etios Valco is a city car that is specifically designed to have a strong complete functional value in its class and will complement the product lineup in this segment, between the Toyota Agya and Toyota Yaris.

“Hopefully the presence of Toyota Etios Valco is able to meet the Toyota customer needs on a city car vehicle and can achieve the same success with other Toyota products,” said Johnny Darmawan.



Next week, Toyota Etios Valco available in Indonesia


2013 Toyota Etios Valco E/MT

Jakarta (11/3) – The most awaited car, finally, present here. The Toyota Etios Valco will be marketed in Indonesia starting on Monday (11/3/2013).

This hatchback uses a 3 NR-FE engine, 4-cylinder, 16 Valve DOHC with 1197 cc capacity. Its power up to 80 PS at 5,600 rpm and 103.9 Nm of torque at 3,100 rpm. This engine is paired to a five-speed manual transmission.

The Etios dimensions is quite compact with a length of 3,775 cm, 1,695 cm width, 1,510 cm height and wheelbase of 2,460 cm. Wheels are available in two options, 176/65 R14 (standard) and 185/60 R15 (Alloy). The Toyota Etios Valco offered in six color options, Black Mica, White, Blue Metallic, Beige Metallic, Grey metallic and Silver Metallic.

Although its size is compact, but Toyota can optimize its interior. The 2 DIN audio system with features AM/FM radio, CD player, MP3, WMA and USB port which empties into the four speakers. Meter cluster in the middle of the dashboard, a digital clock and a cooler box concept in the dashboard storage.

Then, driver does not have to take hands-off the steering wheel to adjust the audio because it was available at the steering wheel for G and tilt steering type (type: E and J). For safety, Toyota offers two airbags in front, ABS and EBD braking system.

Based on its features, the J variant is the most affordable, the E variant is an exciting and G is the most complete. The Etios Valco is not imported from India, but will be produced by PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia in Karawang plant, West Java, this year. Thus, there are only three countries that produce these cars in the world – India, Brazil and Indonesia.



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  1. situs otomotif says:

    Etios Valco terdiri dari 3 varian yakni varian terndah adalah etios valco J, varian menengah adalah Etios Valco E dan yang tertinggi adalah Etios Valco G. kesemuanya berada pada rentang harga 135 juta sampai 161 juta rupiah, berikut harga on the road Etios Valco:
    * Harga Etios Valco J = Rp. 135,5 juta
    * Harga Etios Valco E = Rp. 150 juta
    * Harga Etios Valco G = Rp. 161,6 juta

  2. erick says:

    alhamdulilla,……etios sd masuk pasaran, bakal baxk saingan yg ter tinggal gara2 etios skrang di gemari para renaja yg pux uang pas pasan tq.

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